Who could apply

Who could apply?

Businesses could apply if they were private enterprises, sole proprietors or other private legal entities formed under the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and operating in the Republic of Bulgaria. An eligible business could not be majority-owned or controlled by the Republic of Bulgaria, or by any other political, governmental or administrative body, agency or sub-division thereof.

What types of businesses are not eligible?

Businesses engaged in production, marketing, distribution (or similar activity) of tobacco products, hard liquor, alcohol, gambling, arms, and activities listed on the Environmental Exclusion and Referral List of the EBRD were not eligible for credit, grant or the technical assistance services under the BEERECL.

How large can a loan under BEERECL be?

Businesses could borrow up to a maximum of EUR 2,500,000 in one or more loans, unless otherwise approved by the EBRD

A project could only benefit from one grant from the European Commission. Businesses were required to submit a written declaration, satisfactory in form and substance to the EBRD, confirming that they did not receive any other European Commission grant funding for the same project before assistance was received from the consultant or entered into negotiations with a BEERECL participating banks for the signing a loan.

To qualify for financing under the BEERECL, business had to be in compliance with the national environmental and health and safety legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria and of the EU.