Structure of the BEERECL

Under the BEERECL, the EBRD extended loans to the participating banks, which on-lent the funds to private sector companies for industrial energy efficiency projects and small renewable energy projects.


One key element of the BEERECL was the energy consultancy services provided by DAI Europe and EnCon Services to help prepare eligible project loan applications. Services included energy pre-assessment of companies, financial analysis, risk assessment, development of business plans, formulation of loan applications and presentations to participating banks.

Bulgarian Companies
The EEFF Team
DAI and EnCon Services
Energy Expert
Consultancy agreement
Consultancy agreement
Credit line    agreements
Loan    agreements
Incentive    grants
Energy audit
Development of
business plan
Project completion
validation review


Upon the successful completion of a project, after being verified by an Independent Energy Expert, the company received a grant of up to 20% of the disbursed loan amount from the KIDSF.