Industrial Energy Efficiency

Examples of eligible projects for finance.

The list is not exhaustive and businesses were welcome to contact the consultant to determine if their project was eligible.

  • On site co–generation of heat and electricity
  • Rehabilitating old boilers (enhanced controls, economisers, improved insulation, regenerative burners, automatic blow-down etc.);
  • Replacing old boilers with condensing boilers
  • Switching from electricity heating to fuel-based direct heating
  • Process improvements including enhanced controls
  • Rehabilitating steam distribution systems: installation of steam traps, increased condensate recovery, etc.
  • Installing heat recovery from processes (for example, installation of economisers for pre heating purposes, heat recovery for space heating, drying etc.)
  • Installing absorption chillers
  • Installing new chillers
  • Installing variable speed drives on selected electric motors
  • Rehabilitating compressed air systems (decentralisation and/or resizing of air compressors, replacing of old air compressors with efficient new ones)
  • Rehabilitating power distribution systems (e.g. replacement of old or oversized transformers, installation of capacitors)
  • Implementing energy management systems or building management systems in the building environment (i.e., roller doors, new windows, new heating and ventilation systems, high efficiency lighting) etc.

All investments had to comply with the EBRD environmental policy

Download the  “Environmental Exclusion and Referral List”