Case study - Energy efficiency - Euroethyl JSC

Euroethyl JSC is the first plant for ethanol and bioethanol in Bulgaria and Southeastern Europe, it is located in the town of Alfatar in Silistra district. The location of the factory is determined by the agricultural land processed in this region, where the basic raw materials - wheat and corn, for the manufacturing process are grown. The project involved the installation of a biomass steam boiler on straw on the site of the biofuel plant. This single biomass boiler replaced two existing heavy fuel oil boilers.

Investment Details:

  • Total Project Cost : EUR 2,547,679
  • KIDSF Grant : EUR 400,000
  • Loan : EUR 2,000,000
  • Simple Payback Period : 1.3 years
  • Internal Rate of Return : 58%

Estimated Annual Figures

  • Energy Cost Saving : EUR 68,000
  • Reduced Energy Costs by % : 64%

Project results

  • Lower heavy fuel oil costs
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
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