Appeals process

The BEERECL programme was dedicated to providing quality technical assistance and services to clients and had zero tolerance policy towards impropriety.

Clients and banks under the BEERECL project were encouraged to contact the Programme Manager, regarding any questions, comments or concerns regarding any aspect of BEERECL staff work and/or behavior.

First level of appeal

If a business disagreed with a negative eligibility determination, they had the right to appeal the decision. Within 30 days of receiving the initial determination, a business could appeal the decision by submitting a letter in English stating the case for reconsideration, along with an English translation of the application form, to the consultant’s programme’s manager (whose address, phone number and email were provided).

Any supporting documentation had to be submitted in English. A written response to the appeal (by electronic mail or fax) from the programme’s manager was sent to the business with 15 days of receiving the appeal request.


Second level of appeal

If a business still did not agree with a negative decision at the first level of appeal, they could appeal a second time to the funding agency, the EBRD through the BEERECL Project Manager (whose address, phone number and email were provided).

The second appeal was only considered if it was submitted within 30 days of the date of the first appeal’s response letter. To appeal at the second level, the business had to provide an English language copy of the original application, a copy of the first appeal letter and the written response from the consultant’s programme manager. The EBRD considered the final appeal letter within 30 days and informed the business of its decision in writing. Should the decision remain negative, the business could not appeal any further.

If businesses received a negative determination of eligibility after direct consultation with the EBRD, the appeal was directed to the EBRD by the consultant at the first level of appeal, rather than going through the two-step process.