Consulting Services

Businesses wanting to invest in energy efficiency or small renewable projects were eligible to benefit from the energy and financial consultancy services provided by DAI Europe and EnCon Services (the BEERECL team). This service was free of charge and funded by KIDSF.
The project team helped businesses develop business plans for their projects and prepare other loan documentation required by the participating banks. More specifically, the BEERECL consultants provided the following services:

  • Introduced the BEERECL facility, including the potential benefits for business and the facility procedures, to prospective clients
  • Determined client and project eligibility and helped restructure projects, if required, to meet eligibility requirements
  • Checked the creditworthiness of sustainable energy projects, which were screened at the participating bank
  • Performed energy audits and cash flow analysis on the proposed measures
  • Assisted developing project business plans and helped submit projects to one of the participating banks
  • Monitored project implementation
  • Helped with Completion Validation Reviews