Case study - Energy efficiency - Parkeco BG Ltd

Parkeco BG Ltd is located in the Burgas region in Bulgaria. The project financed by BEERECL includes installation of one new wind turbine generator with installed electricity capacity of 1.5 MW. The average annual wind speed based on on-site measurements is 6.36m/s at a 60 meter height. The expected annual electricity production of the wind farm is 4,466 MWh.

Investment Details:

  • Total Project Cost: EUR 2,273,604
  • KIDSF Grant: EUR 277,500
  • Loan: EUR 1,850,000
  • Simple Payback Period: 6.5 years
  • Internal Rate of Return: over 15,04%

Estimated Annual Figures

  • Annual Electricity Production: 4,466 MWh
  • O&M Costs: EUR 48,500

Project results

  • CO2 emissions reduction
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