Case study - Energy efficiency - Neochim PLC

Neochim PLC is located in Dimitrovgrad in Haskovo district. The company used financing from the BEERECL for the implementation of an automated steam production management system. The automated system is designed to maintain appropriate and efficient distribution of steam, depending on the needs of individual consumers. The steam usage will be optimized and additional steam will be supplied to the co- generation unit.

Investment Details:

  • Total Project Cost: EUR 470,902
  • KIDSF Grant: EUR 56,400
  • Loan: EUR 376,000
  • Simple Payback Period: 2.26 years
  • Internal Rate of Return: over 26.66%

Estimated Annual Figures

  • Electricity production increase: 4,220 MWh
  • Operations and maintenance costs: EUR 16,964
  • Total Cash Savings: EUR 208,514

Project results

  • New automated steam production management system
  • Higher quality production
  • Optimization of the production process
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