Case study - Energy efficiency - Mototehnika Sliven JSC

Mototehnika Sliven JSC has an automobile service center in Sliven. The BEERECL loan helped the company to install exterior wall thermal insulations, double glazed windows, and energy efficient metal doors in the center’s building. The retrofit of the premises improved the work environment and the company’s image, and increased the value of the building.

Investment Details:

  • Total Project Cost: EUR 35,000
  • KIDSF Grant: EUR 4,000
  • Loan: EUR 28,000
  • Simple Payback Period: 3.7 years
  • Internal Rate of Return: over 32%

Estimated Annual Savings

  • Reduced Electricity Costs by %: 47%
  • Total Cash Savings: EUR 9,500

Project results

  • Improved work environment
  • Modernized company image
  • Increased building’s value
  • Lower energy costs
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