Case study - Energy efficiency - Metalik JSC

Metalik JSC is a hotel located in Stara Zagora. The installation of roof and wall insulation combined with installation of new and modern heating and cooling equipment not only reduced the energy consumption in the building but also provided better indoor conditions for all the staff and guests.

Investment Details:

  • Total Project Cost: EUR 767,387
  • KIDSF Grant: EUR 92,025
  • Loan: EUR 613,500
  • Simple Payback Period: 4.22 years
  • Internal Rate of Return: 24.81%

Estimated Annual Savings

  • ELower Light Fuel Oil Consumption: 201.2 tons
  • Electricity Consumption Reduction: 668,834 kWh
  • O&M Cost Savings: EUR 4,750
  • Total Cash Savings: EUR 181,945

Project results

  • Increased competitiveness
  • Reduction of energy costs
  • More attractive look
  • Better environment for the staff and guests of the hotel
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