Case study - Energy efficiency - Kolendro Ltd

Kolendro Ltd is one of the biggest agricultural companies in the North- Western part of Bulgaria. The company used a BEERECL loan to replace the old machines (tractors and harvesters) with new and efficient agricultural machinery which allows cultivating and processing large plots of land. The project helped Kolendro to reduce significantly the high fuel consumption and the O&M costs.

Investment Details:

  • Total Project Cost: EUR 349,370
  • KIDSF Grant: EUR 43,625
  • Loan: EUR 349,000
  • Simple Payback Period: 3.14 years
  • Internal Rate of Return: 41,18%

Estimated Annual Savings

  • Diesel Oil Consumption Reduction: 50,878 l
  • Operations and Maintenance cost savings: EUR 60,247

Project results

  • Lower diesel oil consumption
  • Faster operation with better quality
  • More processed area for shorter period of time
  • Lower O&M costs
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