Case study - Energy efficiency - Alt Co JSC

Alt Co JSC has a large greenhouse located in Kresna, Blagoevgrad region. The energy efficiency measures financed by BEERECL included converting two boilers to natural gas, installation of a co-generator, and reconstruction and modernization of the boiler rooms. With the natural gas-fired co-generation unit, both the heating and electricity needs of the greenhouse are met during the cold seasons. The hot water produced by the boilers is used for heating the greenhouse.

Investment Details:

  • Total Project Cost : EUR 2,428,626
  • KIDSF Grant : EUR 145,800
  • Loan : EUR 1,944,000
  • Simple Payback Period : 4.86 years
  • Internal Rate of Return : 21,61%

Estimated Annual Figures

  • Energy Cost Saving : EUR 530,000
  • Reduced Energy Costs by % : 96,3%

Project results

  • Increased production of vegetables
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reduced carbon emission level
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