Wind environmental procedure


Small wind farm projects, applying for financing under the BEERECL, were subject to the Eligibility Criteria and procedure for Wind Sub-Projects. The procedure includes the following:


Stage 1. The business had to provide the consultant with the following documents, as listed in the Eligibility Criteria for Wind Projects: 


Stage 2. After receiving the documents the consultant had the Environmental Impact Expert (EIE)review the wind project’s documentation. If some information was missing, the EIEinformed the business. If the information met the eligibility criteria then the EIE declared that the project was in line with the eligibility criteria for wind projects and with Bulgarian national legislation. This statement, including the supporting documentation, was sent to the EBRD


Stage 3. The EBRD reviewed and confirmed if the project met the eligibility criteria for wind projects or not. The EBRD informed the consultant of its decision within 5 working days. If the project was not accepted then the reasons why were stated.


Stage 4. The consultant informed the partner bank and the business about the decision. All accepted projects were then developed as per standard procedure.