Renewable Energy Projects

Renewable Energy projects in the following areas may be eligible for financing, grant and consulting services under BEERECL:


Eligible renewable energy Sub-projects include:


  • Investments in new hydro power or run-of-the-river with installed capacity less than 10 MW (investments in second hand hydro power or rehabilitation of existing sites are not eligible);
  • Investment in new and second hand wind turbines with installed capacity of less than 5 MW;
  • Biomass investments with installed capacity of less than 5 MW electric output (for biomass heat only boilers with a thermal input higher than 10MWth, the EBRD will confirm eligibility based on an outline of the investment prepared and submitted by tus outlining the origin of fuel supply and establishing if an Environmental Impact Assessment is needed for the project);
  • Solar thermal
  • Geothermal and
  • Biogas